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Tax Planning/Design Services

Accordia Consulting LLC practices in all major areas of income taxation including individual, trust, estate, partnership, S corporation, and C corporation. We are experienced with both businesses that are mature with significant cash flows and start-ups operating under tight budgetary constraints. Additionally, we offer expertise in estate and gift taxation and succession planning. Accordia Consulting LLC's staff researches, analyzes, and designs sophisticated transactions to satisfy our client’s objectives using the most creative techniques. Accordia Consulting LLC has performed the following services for our clients:

  • Using a nontaxable reorganization, a multi-franchise automobile dealer was converted from an S corporation to separate limited liability companies in order that each general manager might participate in only the success of the franchise under his control.
  • Designing Buy/Sell Agreements in order to achieve the maximum after-tax cash flow for both the purchaser and seller.
  • Adopting the completed contract method of construction accounting to allow a real estate investor to receive its cash from the sale of the property but defer its gain until after certain improvements were made to that property.
  • Designing nontaxable exchanges of real property to allow income tax deferrals.
  • Reorganizing consulting companies and law firms from C corporations to S corporations and other flow-through type structures.
  • Avoiding the built-in gains tax when electing to convert C corporations to S corporations.
  • Structuring pension, profit sharing, executive compensation, and other employee benefit plans.
  • Representing clients before the District, Appellate, and National Offices of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Changing a client's tax accounting methods to achieve optimum cash flow.
  • Designing business succession plans.
  • Structuring a gifting program of partnership interests in a family limited partnership using minority and marketability discounts to reduce the value of the property gifted.
  • Structuring charitable remainder trusts to allow appreciated property to be sold and the proceeds invested in a diversified portfolio without the assessment of income tax.
  • Structuring employee stock option programs to provide incentives to employees and allow for the ultimate income generated from the options to be treated as capital gain rather than as ordinary income.
  • Planning for research and developmental costs to generate the maximum credit and deductions to further subsidize the business operations.
  • Structuring special allocations of business losses to investors.

Accordia Consulting LLC's staff regularly designs transactions to achieve the maximum tax advantages. Additionally, Accordia Consulting LLC's staff prepares the relevant tax returns for all tax authorities properly reflecting sophisticated transactions in accordance with the applicable tax authority. With over forty years of diverse tax experience, Accordia Consulting LLC is uniquely qualified to satisfy your sophisticated and specific tax needs.


To prepare the highest quality business valuations, Accordia Consulting LLC uses an intricate blend of skills including accounting, finance, security analysis, economics, tax, computer modeling, appraisal principles and methods, and valuation law. Using this rare blend of services, we consistently satisfy our client's demanding business and financial needs.

We focus on the purpose of the appraisal and apply the applicable standard or definition of value. We also analyze the degree of control and the impact of marketability on value. The degree of control or lack of it may affect the value of the business interest. Additionally, the marketability of the business or business interest may impact its value. All other things being equal, investors prefer to own something that they can control and liquidate immediately without depressing value.

Whether a transaction is formed as a merger, liquidation, buy/sell, or gift, the business valuation should take center stage. Even before the decision of whether the transaction should be formed as taxable or nontaxable, the value of the business and its components should be clearly understood. In valuing a business, multiple techniques may be applied including determining the value of the business enterprise and allocating that value to the basket of assets. Alternatively, the value of the separate assets can be determined which thereby determines the value of the business enterprise. We clearly understand that the allocation of the value of a business to its integral components may substantially impact the taxation of a transaction either immediately or at some future time.

One of the fundamentals in valuing a business using an income approach is to begin with a normalized cash flow. To achieve a normalized level of earnings, Accordia Consulting LLC's staff will develop knowledge of our client's industry and the internal cost structure of companies operating in that industry. It is possible that executive compensation and related benefits need to be examined to determine whether earnings should be adjusted upward or downward. For operating real estate properties, Accordia Consulting LLC's staff will consult with our client's management relative to the condition of the properties, whether any repairs have been deferred, and whether other substantial adjustments should be considered in determining normalized earnings. Once normalized earnings have been determined, an appropriate discount or capitalization rate can be applied to determine value.

Through research, we identify and analyze comparable companies (also referred to as guideline companies) to the subject company being valued. These guideline companies may be publicly traded companies or recently acquired/merged companies. By using relevant statistics from these guideline companies, Accordia Consulting LLC is able to derive valuation guidance that may be applied to determine the subject company's value.

Not only are quantitative factors important but qualitative factors may affect the value of a business or business interest. Accordia Consulting LLC will incorporate qualitative factors (including but not limited to the depth of management, diversity of the product line, or the number of potential customers) when choosing valuation pricing multiples or capitalization rates.

With over forty years of experience, Accordia Consulting LLC is uniquely qualified to provide business valuations for the following transactions:

  • Estate and Gift Valuations
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Bankruptcy
  • ESOPs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Reorganizations and Liquidations
  • S Corporation Elections (to Resolve Built-in Gains Issues)
  • Incorporation and Issuance of Stock to the Contributing Parties
  • Business Divisions and Spin-Offs
  • Compensation of Key Employees
  • Recapitalizations
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Valuing Dissenting Stockholders' Rights
  • Syndications
  • Disruption of Business
  • Economic Loss Analysis


Accordia Consulting LLC performs high-quality accounting and financial statement services. These services include the following:

  • Determining appropriate accounting methods and periods to evaluate an entity’s financial performance.
  • Compiling, analyzing, and reviewing financial statements and issuing a related report.
  • Performing forensic accounting services to measure improper accounting treatments.
  • Preparing forecasts and projections based upon management’s assumptions and vision.
  • Interpreting and recording financial transactions and agreements.
  • Developing metrics to properly measure an entity’s financial performance.

Accordia Consulting LLC's staff regularly provides accounting services to the professional services, retail, wholesale, automotive, construction, real estate, high technology, and mortgage brokerage industries. In addition, many law firms located throughout the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region rely upon Accordia Consulting LLC to interpret financial agreements and other documents in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and various other standards of accounting.


Accordia Consulting LLC prepares tax returns for each type of taxpayer in accordance with the latest law, Treasury Regulations, Internal Revenue Service pronouncements, and court decisions. Additionally, the Firm prepares on behalf of our clientele the following documents:

  • Business Licenses
  • Franchise and Excise Tax Reports
  • Personal Property Tax Returns
  • Pension, Profit Sharing, and Employee Benefit Forms for filing with the U.S. Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service

Strategic Planning

Accordia Consulting LLC’s professional staff is adept at assisting our clients to make high level decisions concerning the direction of their business, the development of new products and services, the expansion into a tangential business space, evaluation of an acquisition or disposition, and the integration of a vertical or horizontal business opportunity. Accordia Consulting LLC will contribute its expertise in finance, accounting, valuation and taxation to properly evaluate the costs and benefits of those business decisions.

Expert Witness

Accordia Consulting LLC offers a whole suite of sophisticated litigation support services. Specifically, Accordia Consulting LLC’s staff has performed many types of special procedures examinations including the following:

  • Analyzing financial documents to ascertain an entity’s actual sources and uses of cash and comparing those results to the entity’s financial statements.
  • Examining the costs charged to a business entity to determine whether irregular or non-business (personal) amounts were paid by that entity to the detriment of its investors.
  • Tracing all cash flows from non-marital assets in domestic disputes in order to confirm that subsequent investments were non-marital in character.
  • Examining audited financial statements and the related supporting financial records to identify off-balance sheet assets and debt.
  • Determining the extent of damages caused by embezzlement, fraud and theft.
  • Analyzing the potential tax implications of partnership negative capital accounts upon a spouse’s net worth in a domestic dispute.
  • Analyzing a business prospectus identifying certain misleading or omitted disclosures.
  • Identifying hidden assets in a domestic dispute.
  • Examining the accounting methods, accounting periods, and elections in accounting malpractice disputes.
  • Analyzing improper CAM (common area maintenance) charged by a landlord to its tenants.
  • Examining a partnership agreement and amendments thereto to determine the value of a partner’s capital account to be distributed upon termination.
  • Determining the amount of damages in various civil cases.
  • Developing the theory of various civil cases and shaping settlement options.

Accordia Consulting LLC’s staff regularly provides expert testimony before courts of law, arbitrators, and mediators. Its technical expertise includes in-depth knowledge of accounting, auditing, tax, finance, advanced technology, business valuation, and damages. Accordia Consulting LLC is uniquely qualified to provide your litigation support services.

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